Die sexuellen Phantasien der Kohlmeisen (dar_jeeling) wrote,
Die sexuellen Phantasien der Kohlmeisen

Walk on the ground like the good Lord intended

Honestly, most of these are rhetorical questions, so feel free to ignore me. Also, and amusingly, this will read like a hot mess anyways, because I have completely unlearned the skill of producing a coherent and readable post. Tumblr is the name of the game!

Which I intend to sign up for, mostly out of the urge to find some Castle content. (Castle is my happy place at the moment. Doesn't necessarily make me think deep thoughts, but boy, does it make me feel good. Let's rewatch Beckett saying "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" ten times in a row, everyone!)

Therefore, I need someone to confirm: Tumblr is 99% .gifs, yes? Reblogging is similar to the FB like? The dashboard is the flist?

Haha, y'all, I feel ancient! xD If you're on there, let me know, will you? I think I need someone to hold my hand.
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