Die sexuellen Phantasien der Kohlmeisen (dar_jeeling) wrote,
Die sexuellen Phantasien der Kohlmeisen

Walk on the ground like the good Lord intended

Honestly, most of these are rhetorical questions, so feel free to ignore me. Also, and amusingly, this will read like a hot mess anyways, because I have completely unlearned the skill of producing a coherent and readable post. Tumblr is the name of the game!

Which I intend to sign up for, mostly out of the urge to find some Castle content. (Castle is my happy place at the moment. Doesn't necessarily make me think deep thoughts, but boy, does it make me feel good. Let's rewatch Beckett saying "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" ten times in a row, everyone!)

Therefore, I need someone to confirm: Tumblr is 99% .gifs, yes? Reblogging is similar to the FB like? The dashboard is the flist?

Haha, y'all, I feel ancient! xD If you're on there, let me know, will you? I think I need someone to hold my hand.
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-i- told you TWO YEARS AGO that tumblr is made for you. but go on, ignore me. -i- already tutored four people for two hours each into the hard to get intricacies (and they all went on to ignore me completely, too ;P so -i- won't even bother telling you my nick again like I used to post here daily)

No idea how fuckbook works, though the only good thing about tumblr is that they all hate it as much as LJ hates tumblr, ie. it's still a lot better with people hacking it to have communication ... it was, it ceased to be, you are too late. Or you don't care, what with quoting fb.
I'm too late to the Tumblr party, you mean? I guess so, what with Yahoo and everything. ;) Oh, well, I'll drink what's still there and nibble on the leftovers. (Not sure why you would think it perfect for me, though. But then again, I am terrible at interacting these days. Lurkerdom, yayyyy.)
I told you then why and you just said it yourself: it suits your telegraphic style to a T. The fewer words, the more popular.
But see, that sounds more like a Twitter thing.
It is more of a hybrid of twitter and facebook, with a dash of blog if you want it to be so.
Small dash, I'm guessing. Few people like Angostura on its own. ;)
reblogging is like FB's share and like is FB's like. :)

I kind of feel like tumblr is like twitterifed livejournal but with pictures and and like 95% less commenting ability. but there is a lot of pictures! <3
also, everyone is ~20 years old which I try to keep in mind a lot.
Hah, kids (and by that I mean babies) I used to babysit are on Tumblr, so keeping it in mind won't be a problem, I imagine. ;)
It is honestly just picspams and gifs all time, all day. More porn too? And sometimes with ficlets and meta in the reblog comments. Depends on what tumblrs you follow.

I have one with the same handle, but it's mostly James Mcavoy, SO. *twiddles thumbs*
I cannot stop seeing McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus! It's like a curse! So glad I got that off my chest here! xD
Tumblr is useless if you want to find anything ever again. But if you want to look at pretty pictures coming by again and again, it's perfect.

You do need to choose well what to look at - e.g. the tags (like tumblr.com/tagged/castle) are usually full of wank and pretty much comparable to all the big lj fandom communities (just with even less ability to actually discuss anything, so it's just everyone ranting on their own).

But you can choose people to follow, and thus fill your dash with wank-free fandom-oriented goodness.

Have you signed up yet? If you look through my f-locked art posts, you will find my tumblr, if you're interested.
Thank for the info! I have indeed signed up, but have the feeling it's not quite for me. Then again, maybe constant exposure (and following the right peeps) will change my mind ;)